Trust and secure London UK domains

As .london announces that applications for domains by local businesses starts from April 29, with .uk availability from June 10 and .scot .wales and .cymru due soon its going to be a busy spring and early summer.

From a YouGuv survey it is estimated that perhaps up to 25% of small London businesses, that’s a huge 214,180 might claim their .london domain. If that happens that would, in our view, be a huge success as initial indications of take up on some of the new domains have been less than exciting with eg .guru registering 30,000 initially and .photography 10,000. Whilst not the first city to get their NEW gTLD away, .berlin and .wien, lead the way we are pleased to report that we are well ahead of  .nyc!

In other gTLD news the NCC Group,  the international, independent provider of Escrow and Assurance, has just acquired from Deutsche Post .trust for an undisclosed sum. Apparently Deutsche Post have decided not to use it! NCC say they intend to use “… .trust as the primary vehicle for launching its Artemis internet security service, which aims to create global internet safety through a secure and trusted environment for selected customers”. They have applied along with others for .secure and this is currently in the contention phase of ICANN’s long winded process. As the contention is with Amazon thier .trust acquisition looks rather sensible!

Meanwhile Donuts  the most prolific applicant for the NEW gTLDs (307 names) released their first 14 names in January and are aiming to have a further 15 out by the end of this month!

We’ll leave you with their little video highlighting just a few of their names!

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