Why we should love .cymru &.wales today

Nominet & associates hope to launch these 2 NEW gTLD’s within a matter of weeks subject to ICANN saying yes to numbers 244 (.cymru) and 807 (.wales) in their 1,000 + names shown below in their video. The domains are being evaluated in order having been allocated a randomised number.

Today Nominet & co have come up with a random 18 reasons to love Wales and Cymru. We’re slightly surprised they didn’t stop at 14!

Anyway here they (the Welsh) go:

  1. We have 50,000 words for mate
  2. We all love a good sing-song
  3. Beaches don’t come any better than this
  4. Eating is never a chore
  5. Rain is just a state of mind
  6. This is our coastline.  Jealous?
  7. “Now” actually means “in a minute”  (Best to say both)
  8. Views like these
  9. … and talent like this
  10. This happened
  11. We are 1/10th of the Premier League
  12. We’re getting our own domain names so you can love .wales and caru .cymru
  13. Our placenames are brilliantly bewildering (to beginners)
  14. There’s history everywhere you look
  15. We’re fiercely proud of our past
  16. … and of our future
  17. No cuddle is ever as good as a cwtch (sort of affectionate hug)
  18. That 2land of song” thing? All true

So there you have it – pictures add to the experience! (Click on each thumbnail and then each of the 4 pages!)

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