1.25 million Complaints a year are made using Social Media in Britain

Ombudsman Services have recently released their Consumer Action Monitor (pdf) which basically looks at the volume of complaints we made last year in Britain.

Mighty interesting reading it makes in particular with regard to the (widely defined) technology sector we cover.

Of the overall complaints made 38% relate to  the tech sector and are concerning:

  • Telecoms: Internet/Broadband = 14%
  • Telecoms: Mobile = 10%
  • Online-only retail = 14%

Having been helpfully supplied with some additional data by Ombudsman Services we can exclusively reveal that over one and a quarter million complaints were raised using social media networks. We guess that twitter led the way.

It means that in percentage terms social media at 27% has already risen to second place of all third parties who are the recipients of complaints. Ombudsmen are #1 at 33%!

Quite logically the most common recipient of complaints was found to be the original supplier of the products or services but as their social media presences take centre stage it’s not impossible that this could change in future.

We look forward to their future monitors to see how pervasive social media becomes in the complaints sector!

Research: ICM carried out the research from 3-5 January 2014 from a representative adult (18+) sample involving 2,023 interviews. Both ICM and ourselves have used certain extrapolations based on an ONS GB audited adult population figure for 2011 of 47,536,000.

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