Social Media – Knowing you Knowing them

Nominet via its Knowthenet site has launched “The Social Age” campaign basically to help parents get more knowledge about what their kids may  be up to online.

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They surveyed 8-16 year olds and parents as a start point and discovered:

  • 32% of parents feel ‘very confident’ about helping their kids to stay safe online
  • 52% of 8-16 year olds admit they had ignored facebooks official age limit and other sites include WhatsApp (40%), BBM (24%), SnapChat (11%) and (8%)
  • At aged ten, over half (59%) of children have used a social network
  • From the average age of 11 21% of kids have posted negative comments
  • A quarter (26%) hijack another’s account and post to it without permission
  • 43% have messaged strangers starting from an average age of 12
  • At nine, children first access YouTube and will use a mobile or laptop
  • Aged 10, they start using Internet slang (e.g. “BRB”, “YOLO”) and instant messaging
  • The greatest proportion of internet activity takes place when children reach 11 years
  • A year later (aged 12), kids will first try Twitter and Whatsapp and message someone online they haven’t met in real life
  • Two-thirds (67%) of children turn to their parents when they experience difficulties online
  • 63% of parents check their child’s internet activity at least once a week
  • A fifth of parents (21%) aren’t confident they could install parental controls
  • Just under a half of parents (46%) admit to not being confident or aware of the school internet policy

So where do parents start – well Knowthenet recommend taking their quiz  (8 questions) to see how savvy you are and then reading some of their handy guides

We’ve also reproduced their rather lengthy infographic – perhaps a video would have been more social!

Basic stuff but useful all the same

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