Transparent Transparency

Google, justifiably, is telling as many of us as possible about their recent win in the US courts and following it up with fuller disclosure in their Transparency Report  which for the first time “… encompasses all of the government data requests we receive — including those we receive from FISA courts.”

The six month time delay on data publication still applies so the latest information is up to June 30 2013.

Google Transparency – Data Requests by Country
Six months ended June 30 2013
United States 10,918
India 2,691
Germany 2,311
France 2,011
UK 1,274
Brazil 1,239
Italy 901
Spain 647
Australia 645
Poland 496


Our header graphic looks at the top ten countries on a per million capita basis. In China’s absence Hong Kong comes out on top and it’s not just a flash in the wok, so as to speak, as the numbers have been growing and actually fell by one in the latest period.

Google reports 32 countries making nearly 26,000 data requests of whom 2 made none in the period Ireland and Norway.

On our annualised per million basis the average across these 30 countries came in at 18. the lowest being Mexico at 1.38.

Google has also been spending some time over here in the EU courts / legal corridors with arguably another win!

Population figures: US Census Bureau

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