The NEW .uk Shorter Sharper Shnappier Shecond Level Domain is Short of Launched

We’re tempted to continue with “surely shum mishtake here” but we won’t!

From yesterday you can check who has the first right, as Nominet  call  it and primary right, as we call it to the new .uk domains when they are planned to be formally launched on 10 June this year.

Simply enter your domain name eg!

There is a rather long (17 pages to be precise) pdf  which gives a lot more detail including the list of reserved names which will not be generally available as our Government (and their agencies) require them.

We probably missed it when the decision was made to go ahead with .uk but from yesterday for new registrations there is an automatic first right to the .uk which we think is rather a nice touch. This should certainly boost registrations for Nominet in the short term – we really do hope they start releasing regular monthly statistics again.

Click for ... the launch

We are still very confused by Nominet’s practices concerning Press & News Releases – yesterdays announcement was a News Release  and wasn’t mirrored by a Press release. In the past their agency have told us that there is no difference in the distribution. We would have thought “from the roof tops” was in order in this particular instance, it’s a huge step forward and woul benefit from the widest possible publicity.

There also remains a reluctance to contact directly all their existing registrants and they say this will be done after the launch. Again we would have thought NOW would be most appropriate.

Perhaps there is some concern about their ecosystem which had a little glitch yesterday which the Register inappropriately headlined! It’s only anecdotal but we think in general it holds up pretty well compared to, lets say, some banks!

Having had historic reservations on .uk now that it is happening we unreservedly support it and advise all existing registrants to check out their rights and all new registrants to get their brand NEW with the .uk right NOW.

Short is now beautiful!

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