Smartphones grow while PCs and Tablets Flatline

Deloitte have just produced their 2014 predictions for the TMT Sector – Technology, Media and Telecommunications. You can download the full 64 page report (pdf) or peruse it all at your leisure on their site.

In the Technology sector they highlight revenues and predict a global figure of $750 billion for TVs, PCs, Smartphones, Video Game Consoles and Tablets this year.

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They see a stratification of the tablet market basically on size and reckon that in installed base terms < 8.5” devices will exceed > 8.5” ones during this quarter.

We noticed from the graph that in reality the ONLY revenue growth area of significance is smartphones as demonstrated in our cut down and edited version of their graph (apologies if they object). We’ve grouped the similarly coloured PCs and Tablets which show virtually a flatish line scenario around the $200-250 billion level from around 2006. Smartphones grow from zero in 2000 to exploding to become the largest constituent by 2013. Wearables incidentally they predict to generate $3 billion in rewvenues this year.


We’ll leave you with their Overview filmed at CES.


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