Stay safe on the streets

The Government launched yesterday a timely reminder about security following the results of the spendfest season:

” With more than 11 million internet-enabled devices received as gifts during the Christmas period, Cyber Streetwise will help in the fight against online criminals. People are encouraged to protect themselves and their families online by visiting the website for tips and advice.”

The site is Cyberstreetwise  (dot com rather than or .gov which is slightly disappointing) and there is also a collection of 6 admirably short videos (max 41 seconds) with 4 messages. “Findings from the government’s most recent National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker suggest more than half the population are not taking simple actions to protect themselves online.

While 94 per cent of people believe it is their personal responsibility to ensure a safe internet experience, the research highlights:

  • only 44 per cent always install internet security software on new equipment
  • only 37 per cent download updates and patches for personal computers when prompted – falling even further to a fifth (21 per cent) for smartphones and mobile devices
  • less than a third (30 per cent) habitually use complex passwords to protect online accounts
  • 57 per cent do not always check websites are secure before making a purchase”

Well worth a reminder visit.

We’ll leave you with the passwords video which looks to be the most popular!

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