A Hundred million Tablets shipped in Q4?

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Probably not, but initial annual figures for 2013 from IHS  and Digitimes  of around the 240 million mark indicate that it might not be that far off.

IDC  through quarter 3  estimated that just under 142 million units were shipped and our average from our collection of all estimates came to 136 million.

The NPD Group  commenting on US consumer spending in the holiday season (November 1 to December 31)  said;

“Consumers purchased 11 million tablets this holiday season, up 45 percent from 2012, but revenue only increased 7 percent.  Sales of 7-inch tablets increased by nearly 2.5 million units and accounted for 38 percent of all sales, with an ASP of $102.”

Over here we were impressed to see that Tesco announced yesterday sales of 400,000 hudl’s which from a standing start is quite remarkable.

The Average Selling Price (ASP) comment is well made by NPD as we got the impression that a lot of discounting was underway and the move to smaller screens is also an influence. It will be interesting to see how Apple fared although their iPad Air probably helped maintain their ASP’s and margins.

We shall see!

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