Ten days with online sales of over $1 billion

ComScore earlier this week came up with their final US spendfest season sales numbers. They were a little below their expectations with the whole season November 1 to December 31 being 10% up on 2012 v’s their forecast of 14%.

Their figures exclude Mobile sales (smartphones & tablets) which could add another 25% to the totals at possibly over $10 billion taking the grand totals to likely a little under $60 billion. We will report back on this later in the year.

We thought the top 10 days, each with over $1 billion of sales, were most impressive and, having added our total to their table, it can be seen that they represent over 25% of the total. The top 3 days account for over 10%.

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On the UK front whilst 3 of our major retailers today announced somewhat disappointing spendfest season results the two with major online presences (Tesco and M&S) both reported healthy year on year online growth  at 14% and 24.1% respectively. It will be interesting to see the extent to which Morrisons can catch up in the medium term following their link up with Ocado.

Tesco have produced some infographics on their “Multi Channel “ activities in which they reveal, inter alia, that they have sold 400,000 hudl tablets … which IS interesting!

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