Keep an I on our Year – 2013 predictions review edition

Well…. we came up with, unsurprisingly, 13 predictions which can be revisited at your leisure and our embarrassment!

Of our 11 technology forecasts, even with the corporate rose tinted glass view, possibly 4 proved to be almost accurate.

Our greatest howlers included:

  • Twitter not having an IPO
  • Nominet quietly shelving its .uk proposals
  • Kindle Fire and Nexus tablets battling it out for second place….
  • Apple introducing both an iWatch and an iTV

On the non technology front our cricket forecast was half right but we narrowly missed predicting a year end Ashes lead of 4-0 for Australia in the return fixtures!

On the Weather front, according to the latest estimates for 2013, the UK overall rainfall is likely to turn out to be 1,079.8mm which is indeed, AS PREDICTED, lower than the 1981-2010 average of 1,154mm and almost 20% below the horrendous 2012 level. So in old money we only had 3.5 feet ish of rain last year.

Emboldened by our improving accuracy compared to the previous year we are now off to concoct some 14 or so gems for 2014 which will appear early next week!






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