Keep an I on our year (2013 edition)

The top 10 articles in the year as visited by you were:

  1. The Tech Rich List 2013 (April 22) 
  2. Peeks Vision (August 16) 
  3. ITV’s Colour picking finger likin’ transformational logo  (January 15)  
  4. Two thirds of worldwide e-commerce sales generated by four countries (June 28) 
  5. Five win 4 G but Tesco doesn’t (February 20)
  6. Aereo antenna could add to zero TV homes (April 8) 
  7. Will we all spend £200 on Christmas (August 20) 
  8. Twitter and the Growth of the Active Passive user (January 30) 
  9. Iceland Delivers (May 7) 
  10. The UK Top Mobile Retailers (April 11) 

Our regular features, again in popularity terms, have been:

  1. Our weekly Best Selling Business Books which were dominated this year by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean in  and StrengthsFinder2.0            
  2. Monthly Retail sales analysis – The Latest being Novembers impressive results.
  3. Apple‘s quarterly results for 2013. Q1Q2   Q3  & Q4
  4. Le Web in London & Paris            

We will early in the new year review our last years predictions and embarrass ourselves yet again.

The product of the year is likely the iPhone 5S  and our start up company has to be Tile  

HMV were rescued, sort of, and their now hiistoric Nipper Channel   reminds us of their lively past.

Our top pic of the year has to be of the Red Arrows opening the first day of the First Test at Trent Bridge which was the start of our Ashes win which compares well with the current debacle!

Our top video of the year was Lindsey Stirling’s Minimal Beat highlighting the huge number of countries visited during her world tour. She’s off again in 2014 but just round the USA & Canada for now!

We will finish 2013 with our traditional thanks (for visiting us during the year) and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when we hope to greet you again!

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