The US online Spendfest continues apace especially at weekends

Over there comScore have noticed a rather interesting trend during their somewhat shortened holiday season with an increased level of online spending over the weekends with a staggering increase of nearly 71% occurring on the weekend after cyber Monday (that’s 7& 8 December). They reckon it might be due to showrooming and increasing mobile device usage to sort of preview purchases.

Their Chairman Gian Fulgoni said “The weekend is typically a lighter period of online buying than during workdays, but the weekend surges we’re seeing may be attributable to the effects of showrooming, with the in-store shopping experience increasingly getting disrupted by comparison shopping on mobile phones, leading to more conversions online after leaving the store. Of course, it’s also likely that many consumers realize the holiday spending clock is ticking and are urgently buying their gifts whenever they have time. And that, in turn, works to the benefit of e-commerce.”

Total online spend US 2013- Black Friday and Cyber Monday $ millions
Total Mobile  Desktop
m-commerce e-commerce
Black Friday 1,512 314 1,198
Cyber Monday 2,085 350 1,735
% 100% 18.5% 81.5%
Source: comScore

The mobile spend shows that nearly 1 dollar in 5 of the spend comes via mobile devices and that online sales were over $2 billion for the first time on Cyber Monday.

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