Super Sized Cyber Monday

comScore have reported an 18% jump in consumer spending on Monday in the US which at $1,735 million came remarkably close to our estimate of $1.75 billion. It’s a new rcord ranking as the heaviest ever day in history for online sales. As mentioned previously these figures exclude mobile commerce which they and we will catch up on a little later.

More than 50% of spending takes place from work which is interesting!

comScore’s words are:

“Cyber Monday was coined back in 2005 to highlight the significant spike in online spending that occurred on the first day back to work following Thanksgiving weekend,” added Mr. Fulgoni. “The working theory at the time was that broadband connections at work made it easier for consumers to shop online – and indeed we see that work-based buying accounts for half of all Cyber Monday spending. But it’s a pattern we continue to see even with near universal broadband connectivity in the home, suggesting there are other drivers behind online shopping at work. The fact that many people are still in the shopping mindset coming out of Thanksgiving weekend and are in front of a computer screen for 8 hours might have something to do with it. Not to mention, it is easier to shop for holiday gifts for family members without them looking over your shoulder at home!”

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