Black Friday Prime Airports & Octopads

Well Black Friday seems to have lived up to its name with some excessive bargain hunting in certain parts of the USA!

In overall $ terms it came a little short of our expectations but at a smidgeon-under $1.2 billion it was still mightily impressive  – that of course is according to comScore’s figures and remember that this excludes mobile purchases which we will return to late once revealed.

Today the biggest day on the calendar looks as if it could come in at around the $1.7 billion mark.

The other story of the weekend came from an interview  by, our favourite interviewer Charlie Rose with our favourite online retailer Jeff Bezos in which Octocopters took centre stage.

These are mini helicopters capable, sometime in the future, maybe around 2017, of delivering your purchases (up to about 2.3 kilos in weight  - that’s xx lbs in old money) to literally your back (or front) door. They will be part of the Prime Air fleet!

We love the idea and envision Octopads in your back garden/yard which are enclosed, open up on the copters arrival and lock down after delivery.

We also foresee Prime Airports previously known as Amazon lockers where you can request alternative delivery.

The interview can likely be seen on Bloomberg here in the UK over the next few days

Brilliantly timed PR coup by Mr Bezos we thought!

Here’s  CBS’s 60 minutes Overtime extract. We loved the quote about Mr Bezos offering half his fortune if anyone could guess what the announcement would be!

Disclosure: We have Marketing affiliate arrangements with Amazon but have yet to commission our Octopad!

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