Get your new era SLDR courtesy of Nominet

In a surprise announcement (certainly timing wise) Nominet are going ahead with the introduction of Second/Shorter Level Domain Registrations (SLDR).

Press Releases/ Latest news /Decision paper & related items:

From a very quick & superficial scan our headlines are (liable to alteration):

  • 5 year option period for existing unique names to be able to obtain equivalent .uk – better than 6 months but still general availability thereafter which is high risk in our view.
  • Competing names (about 250,000 cases) gets option – pragmatic as something like 92% of all domains on their register are & favours business – some though will be VERY disappointed/angry
  • Introduced around  summer 2014 – surprised at the delay – lots of new gTLD activity underway already & it will intensify)
  • There is a cut off date of 28th October (time 23.59.59) whereby any registrations after that date will not get the option of the equivalently named .uk – practically such a date is necessary (it is the day before Nominets Board meeting at which these decisions were allegedly made. (To avoid any suspicion of speculation we would have made it MUCH earlier).

We shall return to comment after much more reading and some reflection!

On balance, except general availability of existing names not wholly unreasonable result!

Whilst the Board Meeting to make the decision took place on 29 October it was adjourned and reconvened on 12 Noc-vember – which may explain some of the delay x=compared to their “early November” prediction of a decision.

Of the 313 responses to their last consultation almost exactly 50% have been published 156 (on a preliminary count). They include our own (The Information I Ltd) and the Governments!

Not impressed with the sort of new SLR concept!

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