Five iPad Apps The Entrepreneur Can’t Live Without

Apple’s iPad continues to serve as a valuable business tool, and the recently released iPad Air has raised the bar. You can even use the slick, lightweight device to manage your business remotely and efficiently. The iPad Air’s high-tech retina display, 64-bit A7 chip, 1.2-MP front-facing FaceTime camera and stereo speakers make it a reliant business companion. The on-the-go, fast-paced business pro can improve productivity and enhance business operations with the following iPad apps.


No longer make gathering information and staying updated on current event headlines a chaotic experience. Instapaper perfectly formats, saves and stores articles and Web pages for organized reading at a later time. features the app for its simplicity and cleanliness. Read online articles optimized for your iPad and uncluttered reading. During a layover or lunch break, catch up on or read Entrepreneur’s latest feature as text only with Instapaper.

(£2.00 ish/$3.99, Instapaper)


For a business maven who responds to emails and runs conference calls anywhere, anytime – from her Apple MacBook Pro to her Tmobile Nexus 5 –organization can become a casualty of multiple device warfare. The New York Times’ “Top 10 Must-Have App” winner, Evernote syncs data across all your devices. Audio and text notes, photos, files, to-do lists, and emails are searchable and shareable. Optimal organization and easy access improves productivity and ensures ideas aren’t lost.

(Free, Evernote)


Identified as the “trio for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations” by CIO, iWork’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps are top tools for mobile productivity. Use iWork for iCloud beta for complex-free collaboration and continually updated documents. By working in your browser on the Web, you can share documents, edit, format, analyze spreadsheets and create presentations with multiple people in real time. Recently, Apple updated iWork for iCloud with new collaboration features, such as seeing who’s currently editing a document as well as reformatting and moving images, explains Tech Crunch.

(Free, iWork)


Prioritize tasks and maximize your to-do list with Clear+, a task-listing tool praised for its simplicity and flexibility. Exclusive iPad features include List Peek for sidebar previewing, easy task-moving among lists and easy-to-navigate settings. Clear can serve as your digital assistant for efficient personal and professional management. The Verge’s Ellie Hambuger highlights the app’s “iCloud support for syncing lists, emailing lists and twee chime sounds” once a task’s completed.

(£2.99 /$4.99, Clear+)

Fuze for iPad

Meet and collaborate with others whether you’re at your home office or in a hotel in Singapore. Fuze for iPad is a hosting and management app for online meetings and HD video streaming. The iTunes Preview lists the following features:

  • Meetings for up to 25 participants
  • 12 HD video feeds
  • Unlimited VOIP
  • 1GB of cloud storage

During a Fuze meeting, you can gaze at your iPad to run a sales meeting and share a PowerPoint presentation. Invite attendees from your iPad contacts, engage audiences with iPoint™ technology, and share content from the Fuze content library.

(Free, Fuze for iPad)

Other noteworthy business apps include Citrix Go To My PC (free) for remotely controlling your computer, Dragon Dictation (free) for voice transcription and message sharing via email, and Dropbox for iPad (free) for file syncing.

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