Having the Digital Time of our Lives

Microsoft together with Brand Republic have been trying to “… understand the changing landscape of consumers’ wants and needs” and having done some research across 8 countries are now sharing, at least some of it on both Brand Republics website and their own.

Apparently we:

  • know our information/data is valuable
  • are fascinated with measuring the everyday performance of our bodies and minds.
  • are making permanent the things we want to remember, deleting the things we want to forget and shaping our profiles to create multiple identities that reflect the professional self, the fun self, the studious self.
  • are turning towards smaller, more tailored, more intimate, localized networks to fulfill our online needs.
  • want to understand the inner workings of products and enjoy new experiences through the process of creating rather than merely consuming.
  • want to be Not always off. Not always on. IntelligentlyON.
  • are expecting more and more opportunities to be pleasantly surprised by digital technologies that know us so well.
  • regard new technology as engaging all our senses and bringing the digital world to life.

Much more besides in an impressive piece of research.

Research methodology:

Online survey with regular and heavy internet users in UK, USA, China, Brazil, Sweden, Czech Republic, Russia and Germany, 1,000 respondents in each market – 8,000 in total

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