gT LonDon gets the go ahead

or put another way Dot London is go following ICANN’s  signing off the arrangements masterminded by London & Partners.

The underlying reality is that a subsidiary of  theirs Dot London Domains Ltd  will act as the registry for all the domains which are said to be starting to be issued in spring 2014.

Their website envisages several launch phases consisting of:

  • London Limited Registration for London-based businesses, organisations and individuals which will be subject to some, as yet undisclosed, form of validation.
  • Trademark Sunrise.for trademark holders, again undefined at present

and then the infamous

  •  Landrush with you guessed it auctions in the event of identical domain name requests

It will be fascinating to see how this develops. We guess it will be a moderate rather than outstanding success.

In the meantime the Mayor of London is rightly positive saying:

“Adopting the .london suffix will enable organisations to more closely associate themselves with our great city’s powerful global brand. This is also an excellent opportunity to expand London’s digital presence, which in turn is set to generate funds to invest back into the city.”

Selfridges and Shaftsbury PLC also are signed up already by the looks of it.

Interesting that of all the above Shaftsbury is the only organisation currently leading with a dot co dot uk domain name!

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