Between 313 and over 10 million are waiting ….

November 15 updates:

  1. It’s official it’s MID November! (ie the date today is the 15th)
  2. An unofficial but informed source has heard that “they” think it (the publication of the results of the second consultation and announcements concerning future .uk namespace plans) would be likely before the end of the month, and that it was very complex!
  3. Speculation exists that a, sort of, holding announcement may be made today before certain Nominet senior executives fly off to watch the football in South America contribute to and gain from the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) #48 sessions in Buenos Aires being held from 17-21 November. (Sorry we got our years mixed up – the footie is next year).

We shall wait and see – but unless speculation is accurate and something happens today our next update is likely delayed until November 25 at the earliest! We apologise for this unavoidable delay!

November 14 updates:

From Lesley Cowley – Chief Executive of Nominet (not a peep but here’s her tweet)The 313 relates to the number of responses to Nominet‘s latest consultation on namespace which closed on September 23rd last, as published in their Latest news item on 8th  October.

The over 10 million figure is the number of domain names on their register as at 31 August last (10,574,652 actually) which is we think the most up-to-date figure published.

In their October Latest news item they also said:

“The feedback will be reviewed by our Board at their next meeting on 29th October. Once a decision has been reached on the way forward, we will publish submissions, where permission has been given to do so, and an assessment of the impact of the current proposal. We expect to publish our update in early November.”

We’re not quite sure when early November stops and mid November starts but…….

The two areas to keep an eye (i!) on are :

Now we’re slightly confused about the difference and thought it might relate to the distribution of the different types of release but we were informed otherwise.

We wonder if Nominet also gets confused as their Armistice Day silence started out as both a Press Release and a Latest news item but then ended up simply as a Latest news item. Whatever!

Our second wondering is whether there may be some discussions going on with the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) as we understand that they have responded to the consultation and hopefully their response will, in due course, be published.

We are also both, certain, and reliably informed, that the DCMS will have received inputs both directly and from various MPs where their constituents have expressed concerns about all or some of Nominet’s proposals.

We shall wait & see!

In the meantime if you would like to work for Nominet they currently have eleven vacancies ranging from a DBA to a Head of Membership Engagement. With 130 ish employees at nearly 10% that is quite a significant vacancy figure. Our last wonder is if they will be replacing, or have replaced, their Director of Marketing and Communications who left at the end of September, although his presence/legacy lingers on … both their website and twitter.

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