The hands free … tablet!


Well that’s how Lenovo describe their Yoga 8 and 10 android tablets.

It’s got a sort of wedge shaped “cylinder” on the side and a kickstand on the back so in their words it can operate in three modes:

  • Hold
  • Stand
  • Tilt

In addition to the 18 hour claimed battery life you can also get a cover which ala Surface doubles as a keyboard!

It gets a sort of moderate review over at Tech Advisor who also have a hands on video for you to peruse.

It’s available in the UK and starts from £199. The bluetooth cover is $69.99 in the US but we’re not sure if it’s available over here. If so it might be around the £55 mark

We think it’s a bit quirky but that seems to be part of Lenovo’s approach we remember their IdeaCenter Horizon which was a sort of 27” tablet/table/TV  a while back!

Here’s a promo video with the added attraction of Ashton Kutcher who actually helped Lenovo launch it in the US last week.

The 30 minute livestreeam launch video is also available.

Disclosure: We have no commercial relationships with Lenovo.

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