UK Top Tech Customer Experience Brands

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Nunwood  have just published the fourth edition of their league table which assesses the quality of customer experiences as provided by UK companies.

We, using our very wide definition of technology companies/brands have extracted these from their top 100. They also rank the top 10 in seven different categories (their 6 pillars plus the rising stars) so we have included the Tech mentions in each of these.

First direct wins overall on the tech front closely pursued by Amazon (who they refer to as but we’re pretty sure it will be ranked on the performance of

In the up and coming class are and which not be familiar to you all.

We think ocado is an interesting one well worth watching as it expands taking on Morrison’s online activities next year. We shall see.

The overall winner was John Lewis, QVC at #2 with Virgin Atlantic completing the top 5

Nunwood methodology / analysis:

The overall scoring mechanism they use is based on  a weighting of their “six pillars” resulting in an overall CEE metric/index.   

“During October 7,500 customers were asked to rate their experiences with over 250 brands and to explain the rationale behind their scores. The resulting league table is based on an index that reflects the performance of these brands across multiple experience dimensions and then the influence these scores have on future behavioural intentions e.g. advocacy and re-purchase loyalty.”

Top 20 (overall) analysis

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