Social-Internet-SMS Slang Cloud

 The question is what do the following Internet/Twitter/SMS etc abbreviations/acronyms stand for (in alphabetical order):

  • FOMO
  • FTW
  • FWIW
  • KML
  • OH
  • ROFLl
  • SMDH
  • SYDM
  • TBH
  • TBT
  • TIL
  • TL;DR

The answer and examples are contained in the word cloud courtesy of WordleTM. and we note with interest that “something” takes pride of place – whatever!

If you got more than 50% right well done.

If not here with the words rearranged in a more comprehensible form are the answers!

In acronym mode here’s a useful list of 100+ commonly used digital marketing ones from Econsultancy.

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