Top Russian Tech Brands worth $16 billion

Interbrand recently published their top 40 Russian Brands who we reckon have an overall value of something like $81 billion. The leading brand Gazprom dominates in more ways than one! In value terms alone it represents almost half ($39 bn) of the top 40′s total value of a little over $80 billion.With even more of a health warning than usual we have on our wide definition of the Technology sector attempted to identify their constituents within the top 40.

We reckon there are 7 and their total value represents a little under 20% of the total and therefore less than half of the Gazprom value.

Top Russian Technology Brands
Rank* English Russian Sector* Value $bn
2 MTS МТС Telecom 6.0
3 Beeline Билайн Telecom 4.8
4 MegaFon Мегафон Telecom 3.5
14 Rostelecom Ростелеком Telecom 0.9
23 RBC РБК Media 0.3
34 Media 0.1
36 messenger Связной Retail 0.1
Total 15.7
Source: Interbrand *Rank & Sector as published by them

We’re impressed by the number of sites who have an English version.

We apologise in advance to our Russian visitors if we have gone awry – don’t hesitate to let us know!

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