Has Apple’s new iPad mini missed the ship?

A resounding yes is the view of IHS iSuppli as they are predicting a possible demand of over 9 million units in Q4, of which on a time basis nearly 30% has already gone, versus an availability, based on supply  data, of perhaps 3-4 million.

This is apparently due to limited production of the new retina display. They report that whilst production is ramping up limited yields are being encountered.

They comment on the rather woolly intro date mentioned by Apple at their media event and their press release on availability simply says “iPad mini with Retina display will be available later in November.”

On the pricing front IHS iSuppli’s view is that ”Apple has dropped the price point on the original mini to $299 … but that price point still sits well above the market average for 7-inch products with similar performance.”

Our view is that the iPad Air may save the day and whilst $299 is more expensive than most you do have to remember that Apple undoubtedly has the best ecosystem. We will be surprised if total iPad shipments are less than 20 million in Q4 and they could be off this chart! We shall see!

Without a doubt the android bunch will welcome these shipment delays and attempt to capitalise on these teething problems during the spendfest season.

Which sort of brings us round to Amazon who announced their latest quarterly results yesterday which showed an expectation beating increase in Net sales of 23.8% at $17 billion ish which will push their shares up significantly later today. On the not quite such good, but somewhat predictable, news their Total operating expenses were up 23.7% so they still had losses around the $½ billion level!

Apple‘s results are due on Monday so will see if IHS iSuppli’s estimate of around the 15 million total iPad shipments in Q3 is there or thereabouts.. Financial resultswise they will need to impress to keep up with Google, Microsoft and Amazon!

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