A Faster Stronger Steeper UK Technology Sector

That’s according to KPMG following a research report (Tech Monitor UK) undertaken for them by Markit .

They have interestingly identified the UK hotspots for employment in the sector derived from The Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

Their top 25 is headed by Wokingham. London’s Silicon Roundabout / Tech city / Old Street Roundabout loses out because the area lies across a couple of local authority boroughs (Hackney & Islington).

In our words their “Tech Location Quotient” regards the overall GB technology sector (defined as 5 SIC groups) employment level as a proportion of all employment as unity and then calculates a multiplier at the local authority level.

All the top twenty-five are in England with 80% in the South East region (including London) with our very own South West having 3 and the East the remaining 2. (Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire are the two).

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At a somewhat parochial level we wonder about the tech element within the public sector figures (which we believe are excluded from the analysis) So taking a local authority like Cheltenham say with its 4-5 thousand GCHQ employees it is quite possible that what we might regard as a tech sector employer might not figure.

Scotland and Wales apparently lag their English counterparts with West Lothian topping out only just above the GB average at 1.15, Bridgend on the other hand comes in at a creditable 1.35. (No data for Northern Ireland)

Their header, which we’ve borrowed, actually refers to some further analysis by Markit based on their “… Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) surveys for a unique and up-to-date assessment of the UK tech sector’s economic performance.”

“The figures show that UK tech company output rebounded strongly after the global financial crisis in 2008/09 and has now expanded throughout much of the past four years. Most recently, output growth has accelerated sharply following a relatively soft patch at the beginning of 2013, and the upswing in the sector during August was notably faster than seen across the wider global economy.”

Onwards and upwards!

Well worth a read even if you do work in Tech City or near the Roundabout!

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