Keep an I on our Week – New Season of Mists and … edition

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. It’s an Increasingly China-Centric World 
  2. Prepping for Apples October event 
  3. The Living Room Reinvented – the New Home Technology Hub 

This years Tech Rich List retains its popularity,  and we have our regular coverage of the monthly internet retail sales figures.

We’ll be updating you on Apple’s media event late Tuesday early Wednesday and will keep an “I”  out for a rumoured Google / Nexus watch. Apple incidentally are due to announce their results on the 28th but will certainly have to go some to impress the market as much as Google did with their latest quarterlies WOW. The shares went up by over 14% yesterday to over the $1,000 level and went on to reach an all time high.

Quote of the week from Alison Owen (Producer of Shaun of the Dead & Saving Mr Banks amongst others) in her keynote speech at the London Film Festival on Friday:

“The internet is a container, not a substance. To say the internet is the death of books and movies is like saying someone invented a new, more efficient kind of cup and it heralds the death of coffee. A new improved form of carrying something, which is essentially what the internet is, should be helpful to our business,”

We’ll leave you with Mr McCartney’s NEW release. He seems to just go on and on….

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