Technology – Worlds Most Loved Companies

Apco Insight  after “… a decade-long research project including a global survey of more than 600 of the world’s largest corporate brands among more than 70,000 individuals in 15 key markets around the world” have produced their 100 most loved companies. We reckon nearly 25% are from the technology sector.

We are amazed by the Netflix position but perhaps the answer lies in the basis of their compilation. “The Emotional Linking model identified eight emotions that are critical to effective brand communication. These eight critical emotions are:”

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In the top 25 Apple is the only tech company with a highest score for Admiration. The other two are Coca Cola and Hershey’s.

Our technology count (using as ever our broad definition) comes up with these company numbers by quartile:

  • First – 10
    • Second – 6
    • Third – 3
    • Fourth – 5

So that’s virtually a quarter from the technology sector.

On the slightly parochial front we can report Sainsbury’s at #33 and M & S at #88. No burberry and in fact a distinct lack of fashion houses as far as we could see!

We were going to leave you with the top 100 but instead have ended with Apco’s video explaining why you should become a champion brand!

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