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Microsoft Advertising UK have just carried out some ethnographic research amongst UK families which led to the following headline “…1 in 3 UK families use tech to communicate within the home”

Well actually a rather impressive agency (Sparkler) surveyed 1,500+ families living in London Manchester & Birmingham and got some quite interesting results particularly on the family front we thought.

Initially the predictable logistics, but bear in mind the somewhat unusual family angle:

The With

The average homes has 10 connectable devices of which 6 connect to the internet

Percentage households with these devices, laptop – 89%, feature – 60% / smart – 74% phones, hand held – 26% / static – 63% consoles, tablet – 52%, MP3 player – 39%, e-reader -31%, set top box – 40% and  connected TV – 25%),

We think Laptops probably includes PC’s and the feature phone % surprised us effectively it’s the fourth  most popular device!

Not disclosed which would have been really interesting were the multiples. We guess in an average home with 2 parents and 2.4 children over 10 years old, smartphones would head the list followed by MP3 players, consoles, e-readers and tablets. Set top boxes we would add as an outsider. We’re sure they will increase as prices reduce eg the sky Now box is only £10.99!

The Where

Percentage of “technology related experiences” (Whew!) happening in the living room – 44%, bedrooms – 24% kitchen – 16% study – 15%.

Communication flow is sort of between all the rooms, no mention of the bathroom / which is again an omission we thought!


1 in 3 families use their devices to communicate inside their homes.

 The families who use texts /IM – 53% , and on connected devices families/children, texting & IM 17%/53%, Social networks – 19%/31%, and  video chats 9%/16%.

SS (second screening)

75% of families use it. 69% on tablets and smartphones, 63% on laptops. Pity no tablet smartphone split is mentioned. Demographics – Kids 80% youngter family 76% older family 73% transitional family 68%.

Good work by the Microsoft Advertising crew although  a little more disclosure would have impressed us even more!

We can’t help mentioning the rather impressive, sort of interactive 3D home page of the agency involved Sparkler.

Well worth a look – simply hover (flash required) or simply watch their logo transition!

We’ll leave you with Microsofts video.

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