Its An increasingly China-Centric World

I guess we all have to get used to a somewhat different perspective on the world. Actually in symmetry terms we think it has some merits and rather like our top left location!

In Beijing over the weekend a new website was unveiled with a view to attracting, not only tourists and students but also trade.

A certain Mr Johnson said “My mission on this visit is to strengthen the already impressive cultural, educational and business ties between China and London. We are already welcoming increasing numbers of Chinese tourists and students to the capital but we want to do all we can to ensure London is the first choice over competing global rivals. This welcoming new Chinese language website, providing a definitive guide to London’s attractions, is one way we are making it easier for potential visitors.”

We are rather impressed with its look & content … University profiles, the ubiquitous Google maps, lots of views from the London Eye and a virtual reality tour  of many of the predictable land marks and some less so, eg on the popular Chinese sport of Cricket there is an Oval 360º rather than a Lords one!

Good search & social features localised for our visitors as well.

We guess as something like the fourth most popular country code domain a little behind .uk we’ll be coming across an ever increasing number of .cn’s.

Which sort of takes us to another virtual tour and a .cn website!

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) announced, again over the weekend, a joint venture agreement with Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG), Carillion PLC and the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) in relation to the development of the £800 million Airport City project at Manchester Airport.”

So here’s the .cn English version of course for convenience, and here are the  virtual tours  around parts of the proposed development.

Part of the overall deal is apparently direct airline travel to & from China.

It wouldn’t surprise us if London and Manchester were the two UK cities with the largest ethnically Chinese communities which Wikipedia seems to confirm, so it all seems very logical!

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