Measuring Digital Natives

The ITU have just produced their comprehensively impressive 2013 edition of Measuring the Information Society. It runs (without appendices) to an impressive 254 pages.

We certainly cannot do it justice in our very limited commentary and refer you unequivocally to the  coverage on their site.

On their main index which we commented on last year the UK is in the top 10 showing some overall improvement after what appears to be a restatement of 2011’s outcome where a published ranking of # 9 with a score of  7.75 was originally reported.

Interestingly they have for the first time attempted to quantify both world wide and by country Digital Natives.

Definition: A digital native (DN) is defined as a youth, aged 15-24 inclusive, with five years or more experience using the Internet.

We’ve got a table together of the countries with over 5 million DNs.

The ITU rank them basically by the percentage they represent of a countries total population. Worldwide they estimate there could be around 363 million DN’s so that’s circa 5.2% of the world population. They’ve looked at 180 countries and have Iceland on top with a % of 13.1% and Timor-Leste propping them all up at 0.1%.

Arguably from our table #1 could be China, Korea (Rep.) or Japan!

The UK it could be argued are 10th simply on DN size.

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