Surface 2 Air

Delta Air Lines  yesterday announced that they would be replacing the 38 pound kit bags carried by their pilots with the, less than 1.5 pound, Microsoft Surface 2 tablets. The plan is to implement this across the whole 700 mainline aircraft in their fleet by around the end of 2014. It will be adopted by all their 11,000 pilots.

It involves not only the Surface 2 Pro, but also Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro application both operating under the Windows RT 8.1 platform.

 The envisaged annual savings are:

  • 1.2 million gallons of fuel
  • 26 million pounds of carbon emissions
  • 7.5 million sheets of paper

These translate into:

  • $13 million annual savings
  • The equivalent of taking 2,300 cars off the road
  • 900 trees

Looks as if there are a few regulatory hurdles to be overcome with approval from the FAA to use the tablets during all phases of flight envisaged next year.

Apparently there may also be a few discontented pilots who initially trialled the iPad at Delta.

Delta certainly seem somewhat wedded to Windows as they also announced just over a month ago that all their flight attendants (19,000 or so) would be using the Windows Phone 8 device, a Nokia Lumia 820.

This will enable them to offer:

  • Near real-time credit card processing for on-board purchases, including upgrades to Delta’s popular Economy Comfort seating. On-board Economy Comfort upgrades will begin on transcontinental and international flights before being offered on flights across Delta’s system.
  • Convenient eReceipts that can be emailed to customers.
  • Customers’ use of pre-paid credit cards for on-board purchases.
  • Quicker transaction processing times.
  • In the near future, the ability to read coupons displayed on a customer’s mobile device.
  • More efficient service recovery.

We’ll leave you with (1) the Delta Air Lines graphic celebrating  National Coffee Day which we missed last week (September 29) and (2) their video of the airborne Surface.

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