Top global technology brands worth half a trillion

Interbrand have just published their mightily impressive Annual Best Global Brands Report which is in its 14th year.

Technology brands dominate with Apple ousting poor old Coca Cola from the number 1 spot which it’s clung on to for the previous 13 years. Not only that but Google at #2 pushes Coke down to bronze medal place!

On our somewhat expanded definition of technology brands we reckon they hold 21 of the top 100 positions with over 35% of the total brand value of $1.5 trillion coming in at a staggering $531 billion. Of this Apple represents a little under 20%. It may well make the $100 billion mark next year.

We thought it would be interesting to compare the brand values with the companies current market capitalisations so we’ve done a quick and approximate assessment at today’s date.

Quite interesting we thought. Overall Market caps are something like 4.5x brand values with Apple being exactly at this ratio. Top of the pack is unsurprisingly Facebook at 16.1 with HP at the other end of the spectrum at 1.6.

Incidentally on the country front the UK comes out overall at number five behind USA (55) Germany (9) and Japan and France (7). Our 4 brands are HSBC (32nd place) Burberry (77) Johnnie Walker (82) and Smirnoff (95).

Well worth spending time over at the Interbrand site.

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