Keep an I on our week – Wood Sculpture edition

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. 2nd Class 2nd Level 2nd Consultation 
  2. The Multi Medium is now the Message  
  3. Mayday Mayday Mayday this is Kindle Kindle Kindle 

This years Tech Rich List retains its popularity.

Our header graphic shows the four stages of a local wood sculpture by Andy O’Neill. Two days hard work and a transformation took place. Lots more of his creations over on his website.

We can’t help but notice the Nook bargains around at the minute whilst their parent company Barnes & Noble struggle to find a way forward. In particular the Simple Touch Glowlight reader is most attractively priced at £49.

We’ll leave you with our favourite DJ’s, (it’s all those i’s in Avicii) latest “You make me”

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