The Rise and Rise of the MailOnline

Earlier this week Mediatel came up with the header graph based on ABC’s latest figures for newsbrands and they mentioned in their article the situation re the Sun in particular and News UK in general as follows:

“News UK titles, including the Times and Sun+ are not reported in the current ABC findings. However, figures from SimilarWeb, a web metrics company, suggest that global visits to the Sun+, which last month placed content behind a paywall, dropped from 37.3 million in July to an 14.4 million in August – a drop of 60%”.

So we’ve, sort of added the Sun+/Sun estimates assuming 31 days in the months into our table. It’s a bit Apples and Samsungs Oranges but shows some rather interesting points.

  • The Mailonline really does dominate its got virtually double the visitors of its nearest competitor.
  • The overall figures after the Sun went behind its paywall show less of a drop than we thought – under 1%
  • The winners are Telegraph, Mirror Group Digital, MailOnline and The Independent
  • We are at a loss as to why lost so  many in the month (although there might just be a link to the Telegraph’s gain).

We know our figures are incomplete in that The Times (and in fact The Financial Times) is absent but according to Mediatel columnist Raymond Snoddy  “”The official line is that talks are continuing on revealing the online figures which are diligently collected every month by the ABC but which cannot be released without permission, this may change in the future!”

Another unknown to us is why The Independent doesn’t rebrand itself as the “i” online but then we would wouldn’t we! They are already some of the way there when they say “Get an i on your iPad”!

Incidentally we’re pleased to see that all the Newsbrands operate with the relevant ubiquitous domain … apart from – shame!

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