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Yesterday, September 23rd, was the last date for submission of responses to the Nominet consultation.

 We will, over the next few days after some searching, link to some published / downloadable responses starting of course with our own which we’ve attempted to make a little less cumbersome than the basic response. Feel free to download & distribute it as appropriate.

  1. The Information I (pdf)  - anti general domain availability after “right of first refusal” –anti 2 tier 2nd & 3rd level domains – counter proposals and rights prioritisation idea for 2011 short domains release issue – concerns about possible catastrophe
  2. ICO The Information Commissioners Office (pdf) – short (3 pages) – concerns about registration process, security and 3rd level sub domains
  3. Open Rights Group – (Document) – Against introduction – Cost burden on existing domain registrants/website operators – no demand / justification for introduction
  4. Janet (The registry for the subdomain who also operates on behalf of the Cabinet Office) / (Document) – concern over parallel hierarchies and right of first refusal

There are several links to submissions and much background reading from some leading activists over at YourUK, NotaGreatPlacetobe and Webmastering. The latter has links to more than 5% of all the 313 submissions (see below).

Nominet’s next step on the roadmap is “Where consent has been given, individual feedback will be published alongside a summary of the consultation findings in November.” In the meantime it is worth checking for updates on their news pages:

UPDATE 8th OctoberBrief release indicating 313 responses.

“The feedback will be reviewed by our Board at their next meeting on 29th October. Once a decision has been reached on the way forward, we will publish submissions, where permission has been given to do so, and an assessment of the impact of the current proposal. We expect to publish our update in early November.”

If you or your organisation have submitted a response and would like to have it included above then please get in touch  and we’ll likely add it to our list.

We’ve decided to add, hopefully, a very short list of known significant, NON respondents to the consultation where identified our surprising starter is the BBC.!

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