Coolest UK Brands growing but technology sector less hot in 2013

CoolBrands®   have just published their latest assessment  (2013-2014) of the Coolest UK brands.

“The UK’s CoolBrands are chosen by an Expert Council of influencers and members of the British public. Brands do not apply or pay to be considered. The entire selection process is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis.”

This years results (pdf) and some selected Brands and the Expert Panel appear on their site.

Apple still retains the top spot but surely must come under pressure next year

Whilst, on our definition, there are still seven tech companies figuring in the top twenty four have slipped out of the top five and Skype has been replaced by Spotify.

On the category winners we reckon there are again six technology winners but Blackberry and Play Station drop out being replaced by Samsung and Activision Media.

In the wider scheme of things it looks as if cool brands here in the UK are growing rather rapidly as we perceive an increase in the qualifying brands by almost 25% up from 570 to around 710 this year. Maybe the cool segment of the economy is leading us out of the recession!

On a very subjective and approximate count we can see about 45 qualifying tech brands this year as against 41 last year but apparently Games & toys are no longer cool so definitionaly Angry Birds last year & presumably Grand Theft Auto this year will no longer figure.  As non gamers we couldn’t comment but if Marmite is cool then surely GFA must be as well!

The Rolex and Nike moves seem to prove that traditional media advertising still works!

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