A million reasons why you should ….

… respond to the Nominet consultation on Second Level Domain Registration  which closes this coming Monday September 23 (to be on the safe side likely at their opening of business at 8.00am BST)*  

In under 170 characters:

Proposal to offer option to existing domain holders to acquire the same name .uk if oldest .of .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk etc for 6 months after which available to all!

If you haven’t done so already, we urge you all to respond to the consultation particularly if you have a (or any) .uk domains.

In our view if you run or are part of a business or organisation who use and rely on your web presence within the .uk namespace then it’s essential that you familiarise yourself with the proposals and preferably respond with your views.

The easiest/quickest way to respond is probably to use their online facility

To do a “quickie”:

  • Click Next bottom page 1
  • On About you  page complete just required fields (8) of which 6 are tick boxes Name, Email, I would like you to keep me informed of this consultation,  I would like you to keep me informed of future .uk policy and .uk policy events, Organisation type,  Please tell us about your sector, Please tell us if you already hold a domain name in one of the existing second levels in .uk (eg .co.uk), Are you a Nominet registrar?
  • Next – takes you to Publishing responses the last required tick box
  • Next & Next again takes you to the key tick box ”1.a Do you agree with the proposal to enable second level domain registration in the way we have outlined?” and the free format “1.b Please tell us your reasons why.” Where we suggest you add at least some words.
  • Next 5 times
  • Review your inputs then HIT SUBMIT

A few minutes max & we reckon it could be done in seconds if you really hurry – see also below1

Now back to those million reasons. This is an estimate of the number of existing domain holders, under the current proposals, who stand to lose their rights after the 6 month “right of first refusal” period by not exercising it for whatever reasons but most likely simply due to lack of knowledge.


and it’s a huge one in our opinion the next step is that ANYONE can acquire that .uk. The top 5 .co.uk sites are currently:

  1. Google.co.uk
  2. BBC.co.uk
  3. eBay.co.uk
  4. Amazon.co.uk
  5. DailyMail.co.uk

If they didn’t exercise these rights ANYONE could acquire:

  • Google.uk
  • BBC.uk
  • eBay.uk
  • Amazon.uk
  • DailyMail.uk

And you can bet your bottom $ Yen £ € Ruble Yuan or whatever they would. It’s manna from heaven for cybersquatters.

That’s why we will be suggesting counter proposals in our response to avoid the inevitable confusion chaos and potential catastrophe in the .uk namespace if the proposals go ahead unchanged.

If you agree then a very short-form version of “… your reasons why” could be1:

I/We disagree with the proposal as the general availability of existing names in conjunction with the second level.uk registrations after the “right of first refusal” period is misguided and could be catastrophic.

Either an alternative mechanism to avoid this must be found or the proposals should be dropped altogether.

As someone once said – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

* In a phone call today they did say midnight of the 23rd which sort of conflicts with the last reminder email we received which said “….please ensure you submit your feedback before Monday 23 September 2013.” On safe rather than sorry grounds we suggest you do it by the end of the weekend!

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