The New Consumer …

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… is active, skeptical, creative and entrepreneurial according to Wolff Olins, a global brand consultancy, in partnership with Flamingo, a global insight and brand consultancy in their rather impressive report The New Mainstream.

“In our conversations with business leaders we’ve been hearing a sense of uneasiness about ‘giving up control to consumers’ in the age of social media. Some are embracing it, finding new ways to connect with their consumers on an individual level — but most are nervous at the thought of their consumers being in charge of their brand.”

They “…believe the new role of brand is to create relationships of fair exchange, where consumers and companies meet as equals, where each contributes, where everyone gains.”

They suggest three ways in which companies can benefit from this new situation:

  1. “In a world of sidestepping, companies need to focus on enlisting, not just selling to their customers.
  2. In a world of making, to get people’s money, companies need to give them a platform on which to make and sell.   
  3. In an era of taking back, to get people’s time and data, companies need to give people the freedom to get everything on-demand.”

So as per their header graphic they see “The opportunity for organisations is to magnify their exchange — to offer more, across more dimensions, and in return to get more back”

A rather clever and thought provoking report both with regard to content and presentation.

Enjoy – The New Mainstream

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