Keep an I on our week – Back to work edition

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Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Apple’s 5C’s
  2. The 5C – Cheap Cheerful, Colourful, Competitive & China 
  3. LFW SS14 goes Digital

We couldn’t help but be amused at the comparative brevity (less than 140 characters) of Twitter‘s announcement of their forthcoming IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to the rather fuller Press Release (Intention to Float) document* from The Royal Mail (London Stock Exchange LSE) running to 20 pages! The rumoured values are over $10 billion for Twitter v’s possibly £2 – £3 billion (say $3 – $5 billion for The Royal Mail. Twitter followed up with a tweet saying “Now back to work” whereas The Royal Mail…

We’re sure somewhere as the Twitter IPO documentation is forthcoming that 140 will figure prominently but we don’t think they’d be brave enough to use this as their initial share offer price ($140) but you never know!  

Incidentally The Royal Mail can trace its roots back to 1516 whereas and Twitter was founded in 2006!

We’ll leave you with the rather impressive London Grammar’s “Strong”.


* There are Legal restrictions on the ability to apply for shares in Royal Mail dependent on the country in which you are located details of which are available from the site. USA, Canadian, Japanese, Australian and residents of certain other counties  are NOT eligible to apply.

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