The 5C – Cheap Cheerful Colourful Competitive & China

IHS are amongst the first out of the blocks in reforecasting iPhone shipments following yesterdays announcements and they are, by & large, staying with their previous view. They predict shipments of 86.1 million in the second half of the year which is we reckon an increase of 15.1% on the 74.7 mn Apple sold in the second half of 2012.

Interpretation of such estimates after product announcements is somewhat tricky and in this case possibly “in line with expectations” might not be a bad conclusion although many seem to be going down the “lower than expectations” route including their shares which lost about $28 (6% ish) at the opening.  We though have a sneaking feeling that these product launches, especially the touch ID on the 5S, will actually increase the iPhone’s market share over the spendfest season.

IHS do, as have many others, expressed the opinion that the C does not really stand for Cheap but neither is it Costly. We might describe it as Competitive. Incidentally they quote the US “unsubsidised” cost as $549 and the comparable UK cost is given as £469 in the Apple store.

Colourful at the end of the day does equate to Cheerful – again like many others we’re unsure about the cases but the basics look about right to us and Jony so that’s it then!

News today that Apple have passed another hurdle in getting the largest mobile network operator in the world  China Mobile Ltd to start carrying the iPhone range. Apparently “Apple received a “network access license” for a handset resembling the iPhone that runs on the mobile standards used by China Mobile for third- and fourth-generation cellular services.”  Whilst many China Mobiles subscribers aren’t currently smartphone users the potential is enormous.

We’ll leave you with the 5C video – the manufacturing excerpts are impressive – no wonder it’s not CHEAP!


  1. Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

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