Apple’s 5C’s

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Their media event is due to start at 6pm BST (10am PDT) at 4 Infinite Loop or as What3Words would locate the Town Hall front door march,gravy,crops ( The left side of our header is of course courtesy of Google‘s Street view with a little addition by ourselves to brighten up the entrance! It was mocked up in advance of the real thing snapped by yesterday, on the right.

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If you want to see the REAL THING Apple have now put up their video recording – we couldn’t help noticing the similiarities of the still of Mr Cook. Good luck with the video!

Apple share price - Close Sep 09 -$506.17 – @ 6.00pm BST 10.00am PDT – $502.89 (-$3.28), 7.25pm BST 11.25am PDT $498.46 [On Sep 20 2012 it closed at its all time high of $700.10]!

It doesn’t look as if there is going to be a livestream of the event but as there will be a copious number live blogging the event we suggest linking  up with your favourite. Amongst ours are;

We may add to them dependent on coverage. Well after the show Apple will likely put up a recording of the event which we will link to.

The line up which we will add to as the reality is revealed likely has the following runners and riders!

  • iPhone 5C – Colours Blue Green White Yellow & Pink, from $99 for a 2 year contract. Jony Ive: “It’s quite remarkable when something feels familiar and yet is new at the same time. That’s the iPhone 5C.” Preorder Sep 13 on sale Sep 20 US UK China Japan Germany, France Canada Singapore & Australia.
  • iPhone 5S – Colours Slate Gold & Silver (Space grey), A7 64 bit chip, improved camera, new flash, battery 3G talk time 10 hours standby 250 hours, touch ID (can handle multiple fingerprints), from $199 for a 2 year contract- Jony Ive “”It’s not just rampant technology for technology’s sake.” On sale Sep 20  US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK.
  • iOS 7 preview.  Yup this was the starter! It’s out on September 18 for iPhone 5 & 4S.
  • Apple TV software/content enhancements NO MENTION
  • iHints about new iPad products – NOPE
  • i/Apple others – No But Elvis Costello on stage closed the show!

Apple stores open again!

Press releases are up also.


  1. It seems more of the same to me. Though the finger scanner in the 5S and the new colors are nice improvements, but nothing more than that. On the long run small updates like these can hurt the Apple brand, more when companies like Samsung are eating all of the pie in the mean time.

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