How many of our essential skills will be mobile by 2023?

Kaz-Type recently produced some UK research ranking the top 50 essential skills and the, sort of, top 20 inessential ones.

Unsurprisingly Technology & Internet skills (bold type in our header) dominated but we were interested in the wholly mobile constituents (red type). These come in at 14% and of course almost all of the remaining technology skills can be undertaken on either one’s smartphone or tablet! Additionally the non technical skills will often be learnt from or certainly with help from the internet! It will be interesting to see in 10 years time the proportion that will be mobile. We guess they will account for  33% or more including quite a few wearable skills! It will also be fascinating to see the the relegations.

The survey was of 2,000 people and we’re guessing was somewhat London/South East centric due to the appearance of #24!

For completeness we’ll leave you with the 20 most inessential skills.


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