What only 3 Words for 57 Trillion Locations?

Allegedly so according to those responsible for the certainly unusual and strangely appealing site What3Words!

The founders are London based Chris Sheldrick, Jack Waley-Cohen and Michael Dent.

Basically , in our words, they have set up a system capable of naming every 3 metre squared location on the planet.

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Due to the numbers involved 3 words are necessary. More popular/populous locations have more common and/or shorter names so our Heathrow underground example in the header is “wanted, dart, strict” whereas a random mid Atlantic location came up with – “dicey, following, pointless”. Locations are searchable on the site and shareable. Both android and iOS apps are available and free. Useful FAQs section.

So why not check out where Andy Murray is playing later today & hopefully over the next few days! Its http://w3w.cm/scenes.worm.prop

For comparatively low costs you can personalise location(s) with a one word name (trademark etc exclusions & currently a minimum of 6 characters). The name is  always proceeded by an *. The one off costs range from 0.99p for a year through £7.49 for 10 years. Multiple locations can be acquired. The latter price is the only one that is not divisible by three!

We’ve done a brief experiment and apart from PayPal processing disliking our credit/debit card address it all worked well! If you’re moving far round the map remember to drag the pin with you!

If the service takes off then of course all the more interesting words will be acquired rather quickly so you may have to hurry!

They already have a full Spanish language facility and it looks as if they may be looking to add to the basic Russian, Japanese and Chinese menus.

In addition to the novelty value of their system we can see that it could well have, primarily due to its precision and coverage, serious commercial benefits on the location logistics front.

Rather impressive!

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