The Top Ten Internet Cities in the World

Unfortunately no places for any UK cities but Europe (5) tops the continents followed by Asia (3) and the Americas (2) according to UBM’s Future Cities recent analysis.

In alphabetical order (no numeric rankings are given) the winners are:

Links are to the Future Cities pages

The criteria for qualification and assessment are :

  • Average Internet connection speed.
  • Availability of citywide WiFi, preferably free and fast.
  • Openness to innovation.
  • Support of public data.
  • Security and data privacy.

South Korea / Seoul per Akmai  (in quarter 1 this year) have the highest average Internet connection speed at 14.2 Mbps.. The UK are in joint tenth place we reckon at 7.9 Mbps along with Austria. They list a total of 55 countries with only Japan (11.7Mbps), Hong Kong (10.9), and Switzerland (10.1) joining Austria in double digit performance. At the other end of the scale we reckon there are 8 countries below 2Mbps including China (1.7), India (1.3), Syria (1.9) and Egypt (1.1).

We are marginally surprised that London didn’t figure in the top 10 as in particular we would have expected it to score highly on the Openness to innovation front – maybe next year!

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