Keep an I on our Week (Roar is WhatsApp-ening edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. US and GB in lower quartile of Worldwide Social Media “Sharers”
  2. The Internet of Smartbins
  3. Global Feature Phone sales down by over 55 million and trail Smartphones for first time

We also have the July edition of our regular feature on the monthly analysis of GB Retail Sales.

This years Tech Rich List retains its popularity,  with ongoing interest in our Best Selling Business Books section.

Couple of possible internet firsts we noticed this week:

  • Carl Icahn disclosing by Twitter his, significant (rumoured $1billion), investment in Apple
  • Katy Perry lyric video of her latest “Roar” consisting (almost) entirely of  Whatsapp content.


We’ll leave you with that!

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