Peek’s Vision

Update May 2014Dr Andrew Bastawrous gave a talk on the project with some updates in March 2014

This rather fascinating project featuring a smartphone app which could help prevent or cure blindness and eye diseases, particularily in under developed countries, as well as potentially providing ophthalmic level examinations more widely to eg GP’s, received widespread and favourable media coverage yesterday.

Here’s a link to their video & Sky’s runover of the app featuring one of the four developers Ian Livingstone.

On the technology front as far as we can see:

  • The app is being developed on the android platform
  • Samsung Galaxy smartphones were in evidence although previous prototypes included a Nokia N8.
  • We are informed that the attachment to the smartphone to scan the back of the eye is a bespoke development. The current version is certainly much lighter & neater than an earlier prototype!
  • Whilst we are informed that no cost indicators are available at present. The total hardware cost is likely to be under £1,000
  • We did think we spotted an iPad (see video below) being used for some children’s eye test games by one of the project developers Iain Livingstone – hardly surprising as “Iain has brought a UK Standard children’s acuity tests to the iPhone and iPad with the iOS app iSight test …”

Of the three other project developers (Dr Andrew Bastawrous, Dr Mario Gardini and Stewart Jordan ) the main app developer (Stewart Jordan) was a cofounder of the app developer GoldenGeeko.

We see that he is also the registrant of their domain and we are seeking certain other commercial clarifications on the project which if forthcoming we’ll update here.

Potentially a life changing project we will await future developments with interest

There’s a BBC article / video but we’ll leave you with an extended video (about 9 minutes) featuring an interview with three of the four developers

Peek – a portable eye examination kit from LSHTM on Vimeo.

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