Global feature phone sales drop by over 55 million and trail smartphones for first time

Gartner  have just released their worldwide mobile phone sales estimates for Q2 and their headline, picked up by many commentators, is that Smartphones “… Exceeded Feature Phone Sales for First Time.”

We thought we’d have a look at it, sort of, the other way round!

Feature phones have dropped by some 56.5 million mainly due to Nokia 22.5 mn +, Samsung 8.7 mn, ZTE 5.3 mn LG 3.0 mn and Lenovo 2.2 mn. Overall the market has contracted by 21.2% and both Nokia and Samsung are in the 20%-29% reduction range whereas the upcoming smartphone vendors Lenovo ZTE & LG have nearly dropped by 50%. These three have more than compensated by growing their smartphone sales by over 51.3 million units which is an increase of over 90%.

Gartner provide the top 10 vendors for all mobile but restrict the smartphone estimates to the top 5

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