US & GB in lower quartile of worldwide Social Media “sharers”

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This is one of the current “… findings of the research led by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (Ipsos OTX) collected by Ipsos Global @dvisor as part of Sociologue, an ongoing publication that features conversation-starting commentary on social media trends and behavior.”

Their survey covers 24 countries and, as one would expect, drills down into significant amounts of detail including analysis by gender, age, household income, marital status, education, chief income earner, senior executive, employment status, and even business owner!

The GB US and Total sharing by content type is as follows:

So at an overview level both we here in GB & the US from our graphic are more reluctant to share than 75% of the world. We in GB are significantly less photo and recommendation happy but update our status and what/how we are doing more regularly!

A very useful analysis by Ipsos particularly, we would have thought, for some of the social media companies/advertisers.

A wealth of detail to be found on/from the Ipsos online press release.

The research was carried out between April 2 and April 16th, 2013. An international sample of 18,150 adults aged 18-64 in the US and Canada, and age 16-64 in all other countries were interviewed.

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