The Internet of Smartbins

Rather interesting product / service from Renew  (part of Media Metrica Ltd).

If you frequent the square mile (London) Wall Street (Manhattan) or Singapore you may already have experienced their rather robust promotional recycling/refuse bins. 

In their, slightly précised words “Renew provides a live stream of content broadcast through a network of on-street information points or ‘Renew Pods’ that double up as recycling stations. We create the platform for a new way to reach consumers outdoors. … combines on-screen sponsored content with deeper levels of targeted interaction through personal communication and media devices carried by our mobile audience.

This is updated real-time creating opportunities to talk with growing audiences and developing brand loyalty through conversation. We use in-house software to deliver content, which is updated throughout the day by a professional media team. Once edited, both the commercial and editorial content ‘goes live’ directly on the streets, reaching over three million professionals, 6 to 8 times per day, on their way to work, lunch and home.”

For London they claim:

  • “Daily Reach of the largest City Professional audience in The Square Mile
  • Exclusivity Clutter Free – Where no other media owner has erected on-street permanent displays.
  • Affluent AB Professionals – Your message seen in the Financial District 6-8 times everyday on multiple locations.
  • Premium High footfall – 15,500 per site per day in premium pedestrian locations.
  • Live updates – Live regional and international data feeds streamed ‘on the go’”

They also trialled a couple of months ago monitoring traffic and identifying passer-by’s  mobile devices at 12 of their “pods”. The technology in use apparently comes from Presence Orb  who in addition to looking for locations to trial their “real world” cookie also provide you with information about how to opt out of being tracked!

Over 500,000 data points were picked up during the Renew Orb trial and they have released some of the their findings.

Click to enlarge

Much more on their rather dark website including todays statement about Renew Orb form their CEO Kaveh Memari!

We’ll leave you with their promotional “City” video

Renew Time-Lapse with City Narrative from Renew on Vimeo.

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